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About the Founders

Rich Maloy

Rich Maloy

Rich Maloy’s mission is to transform the world through innovation and entrepreneurship. He believes that startups give all people the opportunity to grow, learn, and earn.

He’s been a founder and an early employee, helped raise angel financing, organized and run major startup events, and mentored founders. He was hired in 2014 by IBM/SoftLayer to manage secondary markets for their startup program, Catalyst. He was promoted to North America Manager for IBM Global Entrepreneur shortly after that. He and his team enrolled 2500+ startups in the US & Canada over three years, which generated tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue for IBM.

Rich has visited dozens of accelerators, met with hundreds of founders, and seen hundreds more pitches. He is recognized as a leader, mentor, and connector in startup communities throughout North America. He is currently also a Venture Partner at SpringTime Ventures where he manages deal flow and due diligence.

Tim O'Shea

Tim has served as technical adviser and implementation specialist for Boulder area start-ups and nonprofits including Avery Brewing Company, 303 Vodka, Buffalo Exchange, GoLite, Gibbon Slacklines, Lighthouse Solar, BMoCA, Meals on Wheels and the Center for Resource Conservation.

He is a pillar of the the Boulder community. This will be Tim’s third year at the Program Director at Catalyze CU, his fourth year as the Boulder chapter director at House of Genius, and his fourth year as a committee member at the Boulder Chamber of Commerce, as well as holding many board seats at organizations town.

Tim’s interdisciplinary awareness along with his intuitive, technical and strategic insights have served start-ups and growing companies for nearly two decades.

Tim O'Shea